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Here at Puppy Ridge Labs we will help you find the puppy that best fits your families lifestyle. To get further information about a particular puppy, you can send an email by clicking on "PICK ME" in the "PUPPY PROFILE". Once you have decided which puppy you like you can set up time to discuss ways to reserve that  puppy. If you have any other questions feel free to contact us on the "PUPPY APPLICATION" page. 


Puppy Ridge Labs ensures that everything is lined up for you and your puppy. 8 weeks after they are born they are taken to the veterinarian for their first set of shots, physical exam and dewormed, to ensure the puppies are healthy. Puppies will need boosters which are the responsibility of the new owner at 12 and 16 weeks. 


Puppy Ridge Labs is dedicated with helping families find the safest way possible to pick up their puppy. We want to help you plan the easiest and safest way for you and your family to receive your puppy. Families can scheduled appointments through email. We are open to suggestions and plan on working together to make this experience a good one. 


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