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Puppy Ridge Labs started in 2019, by Alyssa Lesage owner and proud mother to Bailey. Bailey Boo became  a member of our family in 2015. She is a beautiful Labrador and her fox red colour really speaks for itself.


  Throughout the years Bailey has created a place in our hearts as she has impacted the whole family, she is a fun and playful dog. Her favourite thing to do is play fetch and work on our farm with us. She is a protective mamma when it comes to her puppies. She teaches them to be loving and playful.


Over the years we have acquired two more fox red labs, Butters and Ginger daughters of Bailey Boo.

Here at Puppy Ridge Labs the dogs are free to be dogs. They love to be around the farm animals. They are water puppies at heart, when it comes to playing in the puppy pool in the summer. Puppy Ridge Labs main goal is to prove a best friend and a missing link to your family. 


Last Litter 
Nov 21, 2021

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